This website is about escorts and hobbyists (their clients) and the escort biz.
“Escort” is generally another name for “prostitute”.
Escorts utilize numerous websites and social media to sell sex.
A successful independent might earn a six-figure annual income.
But there are risks and personal costs.
The money can make it difficult to impossible to quit.


Prostitution: The Escort Racket and Online Prostitution:
Millions of dollars have been made.

Who are escorts? (About being an escort)

Who are the hobbyists (clients)?

Tips for New Hobbyists (Clients) Seeing an Escort the First Time

Escort Reviews: A Double-Edged Sword (And a Big Money-Maker)

The Life and Death of Escort Websites

Facebook and cheap sex

Poll (for clients): What’s most important in an escort

Poll (for escorts): Has escorting changed your opinion of men?

Bartering (posted for newbies’ info–just because you’ve got a   camera doesn’t mean you can make a deal)

Hobbyists visiting the south: Do NOT take anything which might identify you as a liberal!

A Cautionary Alert to Liberal Hobbyists Visiting the South:
The south is a bastion of the cult of Republicanism, and southern escorts take their cult membership seriously. This was spotted as an announcement at a southern escort forum:


[Reference: “Southern Strategy” (politics)]

Blog post

The Internet and Prostitution:
The internet, and the use of the word “escort” have lent a sort of legitimacy and acceptance to prostitution.  “Escort” and “Companion” sound less harsh.   Assumed names, numerous websites where escorts can advertise, some degree of anonymity and privacy have helped lure many women into prostitution who would have not previously considered it: Even a lawyer or legal secretary or two.

Life before the internet
“La Villette, fille publique faisant le quart, 19e. Avril 1921 (La Villette, Streetwalker Waiting for a Client, 19th arrondissement, April 1921),” by the French photographer Eugène Atget
Photograph of Storyville prostitute, by E. J. Bellocq, circa 1912. Nude woman kneeling on chair.