Escorts and Hobbyists

escorts and hobbyists

Who are escorts?

Escorts are people (generally women) who sell their time to others. Often, that time includes sex.

Some escorts work for escort agencies, where the agency does the advertising, takes phone calls, and schedules appointments. The agency generally gets a percentage of whatever the escort earns.

Many escorts are independents. They don't work for an agency and handle all aspects of their business by themselves.

There are numerous websites where escorts advertise, and some where escorts are reviewed, sometimes with graphic descriptions of the sex provided.

A number of escorts are single mothers who got into escorting because they can make more in a day than they can in a week of flipping burgers.

Escorts come from all walks of life. Some are teachers, attorneys, medical students or interns, and professionals. They're in it for the money.

A successful escort can make a six-figure income.

Caveat: Escorts' clients are sometimes robbed and/or assaulted. For that reason, anyone seeing an escort should look for reviews and read comments about her at escort forums. has been rife with reports of clients being robbed and assaulted. In my opinion, you should stay the hell away from

Who are the clients (hobbyists)?

The bulk of escorts' clients are middle-age married men, often professionals. But, like escorts, they can come from all walks of life. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, truck drivers, salesmen, teachers.

They may consider it safer to see an escort rather than getting involved in an affair. That way, it's a business proposition. However, it's not unknown for a client to "fall in love" with an escort and offer to take her away from all this. It never works, and an unethical escort can take advantage of a client who's "in love", getting money from him.

According to some reports, 60% to 70% of married men "cheat" on their wives. Many of them, I suspect, see escorts.

Here's an example of clients:
Microsoft director, former Amazon director charged in prostitution sting

In The News:
Cops use to set up sting, arrest 14 men
Backpage is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get.
4 women, ages 23-30, forced into prostitution to pay drug debts, police say.
Drugs can be a way to get women into prostitution and to keep them there.
Lawyer Indicted for Compelling Prostitution, Sexual Assault
His clients had to have sex with him to pay off their legal bills.
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