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Feds shut down male escort site
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Escorts: Prostitutes who commonly use the web and social media to find customers. Many are single mothers or divorced. A few are married and may be assisted by their husbands. Some escorts are women who are employed but want the extra money. College girls may sell themselves as "sugar babies" to older men, "sugar daddies". Young women may sell sex in order to pay off college loans. Drug use is not uncommon. They may sometimes they encounter clients who beat and/or rob them.

How much do escorts earn?
Hourly rates may be from $250 to $450 per hour, or more.
A successful full-time escort can earn an annual six-figure income.

Where escorts advertise:
Escorts frequently use escort forums. Some of those forums include,,, was shut down by the feds. and the website operator is going to prison. was also shut down by the feds. Escorts may advertise at sites dedicated to ads, such as or Escorts also use social media such as facebook and twitter. has been one of the largest online advertising sites for prostitution. It has been estimated takes in $22 million or more from prostitution ads. Major credit card companies have stopped processing transactions for Sex workers say this can put them at risk.

Hobbyists: Their customers -- commonly middle-aged married men. On occasion, men respond to an ad which results in their being robbed and/or beaten. Example: "An escort is accused of robbing a customer in a wheelchair, stealing more than $500, threatening him with and gun and leaving him stranded at a motel." That's one reason why some men rely upon websites which include reviews of escorts (such as,, etc.)

Screening: Most established escorts will screen new clients. They may ask for name, employer, age, race, and references from other escorts. Some escorts may not see new clients who don't have references, some escorts will see newbies. There are a couple of verification websites online: and Of course, the downside of verification sites is that you give them your personal information and if they're ever busted, or should they decide to sell your info, well...(you figure it out).

Arrests: Police sometimes arrest escorts for prostitution, sometimes by setting up stings. They rent a motel room and call escorts to visit. There may be cops in an adjoining room who rush in to arrest the escort once sex for money is discussed. In some cases, escorts can hire an attorney who may get the charge reduced to something like "doing business without a license". One young escort was thrown in jail and had to call her father to bail her out That was the first he had heard of her occupation and it must have been a very long ride home.

Human trafficking: Children and young girls may be effectively enslaved and forced into prostitution. Related:
Child sex trafficking
This is what happens to some thanks to our "child care" system

Alleged serial killer of escorts killed by woman
He responded to her ad and attacked her. She was able to shoot him. They found weapons, tools, a machete, bleach, trash bags, sledgehammers and axes in his car.
Washington Post

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